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Terry Runyan

Terry Runyan is a visual artist and CAT LOVER. We love, love, love Terry's whimsical style. As soon as we thought of our Cat Nap scent, we went straight to Terry. She lives in Kansas City with her two sweet kitties Ryle and Tucker. She says they're a huge inspiration in her work, and you'll usually find them next to her in her studio getting their toes and tails in the paint. Terry is also a creative encourager. She loves sharing with others about being creative and being an artist. She sees creativity as a means to connect, communicate and share with others! In addition to her YouTube videos, she has several courses—from discovering your art style to cut paper collage—on Skillshare and Teachable. Be sure to follow her on Instagram@terryrunyan where you can immerse yourself in her joyful world of creativity and find links to her classes and website. 

We asked Terry about being a creative encourager, her style and her creative process.

Flirty:Tell us more about being a “creative encourager.”  
Terry:After retiring, I found myself struggling with my art. I went looking for ways to change my art outlook and after a year or so something opened up in me. The transformation in how I saw myself as an artist, and my enjoyment of the creative process, got me interested in sharing about my new outlook on creativity. I started a YouTube channel because I had a sense that I might have something useful to share with others that were struggling.
Flirty:Why do you think it’s important to encourage creativity in others? 
Terry:I see creativity as who we are, ultimately. As we move forward with our art, whatever form that takes, it invites creativity to make itself known. Showing up and jumping in, even when not feeling inspired, gives creativity an opening to express itself, for us to express ourselves.
Flirty:How would you describe your style?
Terry:My style is whimsical, cute, funny and quirky. It comes through me in a lighthearted way. I love using a number of approaches to creating my art from watercolor to digital. For me, style has more to do with your point of view than the medium being used.
Flirty:What  is your creative process? 
Terry:I often start my process by researching on Pinterest. I pay attention to any sense of inspiration that comes up and move with it as soon as I notice it. This is important because these are invitations from creativity and they are in constant flow. In my experience, moving with inspiration when it happens is so important! For me, this is when my enjoyment of art really flourished.
Flirty:What is your favorite medium to work in?
Terry:I love all sorts of mediums. The one I use the most is watercolor. I love how spontaneous watercolor is. It kind of has a mind of its own and this keeps it fresh! It also makes it easy to overwork. Because of this it keeps me on my toes!
Flirty:What do you hope your art does for people? What do you hope they see in your art?
Terry:My greatest hope is that viewers of my art feel joy, humor and/or lightheartedness. I love that I might brighten someone's day with what I create.
Flirty:Do you think your experience as a female artist has been different than a male artist’s experience?
Terry:I really don't know about this. The many female and male artists I have worked around were so versatile with their work that I didn't notice a big difference.
Flirty:Favorite outdoors activity? Why?
Terry:Walking and riding my bike (trike.) I love moving through the environment/nature. Movement in general is important to me because I spend a lot of time sitting while creating art.
Flirty:Do you ever do your work outside?
Terry:The only time I work outdoors is when meeting up with friends or if I'm taking an outdoors workshop. Most of the time I'm indoors surrounded by my two sweet kitties Rylee and Tucker.
Flirty:Is there something in nature that inspires your work?
Terry:CATS! This has to be my number one inspiration.
Flirty:What concerns you most about pollution? 
Terry:I do everything I can to reduce my own footprint on the planet