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Eleanor Hardiman

Eleanor Hardiman is an illustrator and designer from Bristol, UK whose exquisite talent has graced a range of international projects, including illustrated books, magazine covers, advertising, and packaging. We love the mesmerizing label she designed for our Lychee Bellini plant-based liquid hand soap. You can see more of her designs @eleanorhardiman on Instagram. We asked Eleanor to tell us a little about her work, her inspiration, and her concerns about climate change. 

Flirty:  We love the feminine lines, curves, and colors of your designs. How do you describe your work?
Eleanor:  I would describe it as a mix of traditional and modern. I love the patterns and painting textures of watercolour, and I use these traditional devices to approach more modern subjects. 
Flirty:  The effect is brilliant! We think it infuses your work with a dreamlike, soothing quality. Is this how you hope people see your work?
Eleanor:   Yes. One of my hopes as a designer is to create work that provides viewers with a sense of calm, escape, and wonder.
Flirty:  Your work feels very organic. Is there something in nature that inspires your art?
Eleanor:  Nature has always been an inspiration for me. The stillness of a huge lake, a soothing river, the delicate details of a tiny plant, these are elements I see reappearing in my illustrations again and again. Nature for me is calming and being in nature provides me with a sense of stillness. This sense of stillness is where my best ideas come to me. 
Flirty:  So, you must enjoy working outside.
Eleanor:  Yes! I take my sketchbooks with me most places I go, especially on holidays and day trips, so I can make quick sketches. Plants appear quite frequently in my work, so I like to collect sketches of interesting varieties to use as resources for my projects. I'm also very lucky to work in a conservatory, so I really get a great amount of light and a view of the natural world, not just my desk. 
Flirty:  Aside from sketching and finding inspiration, what else do you love to do outside?
Eleanor:  Gardening! It’s something quite new to me but being outside, planting and watching things grow has bought me so much joy. In such a fast-paced world, gardening is a welcome change of pace, and it's so rewarding. 
Flirty:  Agreed! Gardening is fantastic. We love getting our hands in the earth and nurturing nature. It also reminds us of the precarious health of our planet. What concerns you the most about the environment?
Eleanor:  Climate change. It's such a scary thought, and it’s becoming more of a reality every day. With rising sea levels and changes in temperature, ecosystems are collapsing, and we are losing natural landscapes, species of animals and putting human life in danger. It makes me conscious of my own emissions and trying to spend responsibly with companies that share the same thinking.
Flirty:  Thank so much for spending time with us and for designing our beautiful Lychee Bellini label!
Eleanor: You’re welcome.