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Hello. We'd like to introduce ourselves.

We're two sisters who are worried about the planet. We're concerned about the effects of chemicals on humans, the endless stream of plastic piling up in landfills and overflowing into the oceans, and the social/environmental costs of doing nothing to change the habits that are hurting humans and the Earth. Flirty Soap Co. is our first step towards making it easier for humankind to ensure we can all live on a safe, happy and healthy planet .

Keep it clean, 

Cathy and Elizabeth

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision: A clean, healthy Earth for all, forever.

Mission: To make saving the planet easy and fun with Earth- and people-friendly products that people love to use and reuse.

Values: Good, clean, fun.

Good = People Friendly

Products that are good for you.  Made in small batches using organic ingredients, our all-natural liquid hand soap is good for you! Lusciously rich and silky, it hydrates and moisturizes your skin as it cleans, leaving your hands refreshed, nourished and happy.  

Practices that are good for people.  We're building Flirty to be a force for social good. We pledge to foster an environment where our employees and partners feel safe, happy, and inspired to achieve great things that make the world a better place for everyone. 

Clean = Planet-Friendly

Reusable, recyclable for less waste.  We focus on designing reusable products from recyclable materials, because the more they are reused the less trash gets dumped on the planet.

Renewable, sustainable for less impact.  We're committed to reducing our environmental impact with, hydropower soap production and sustainably sourced, renewable ingredients.

Fun = Eco-Easy

Making eco-friendly irresistibly fun and easy.  With Flirty, that's how easy it is to do something good for the planet. Every Flirty bottle takes the place of multiple single-used plastic containers. Our bottles feature amazing designs by current female artists and the fragrances smell delicious, creating a fun hand-washing experience.