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Time to Clean up Our Act

A shocking 91% of plastic IS NOT recycled.

About 7.9 billion tons (and counting) of it will be trashing the planet for the next 400 years. Your first toothbrush? Landfill. Water bottle you recycled 5 years ago? Bottom of the ocean. Recycling alone can't stop plastic from overwhelming the planet.

This Really Needed a Makeover

Why? People use a lot of liquid soap, then trash the bottles.

Refills, when you can find them, come in more plastic. (Quick fact: those "eco-friendly" refill pouches—100% NOT recyclable.) That means tons of plastic dispenser and refill bottles are trashing the Earth.

Meet the Flirty Bottle

Designed to stay on your sink and out of the trash.

Our bottle has lovely curves and irresistible artwork so that you'll want to refill it again and again. Made with recyclable glass, a durable 100% recyclable pump, and a wear-resistant label, it'll look amazing pumping blissful Flirty bubbles for a long time.