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Milka Sukno

  • 2 min read

Milka Sukno

Milka Sukno is a Chilean artist whose artwork is a lovely blend of soft colors, gentle shapes and a touch of nostalgia. Milka’s illustration invites you to take a moment to indulge your senses in the lovely feel and smell of our Mint Julep hand soap.You can see more of Milka’s work @milkasukno on Instagram. We asked Milka to tell us a little about her art.

Flirty: Your art has a lovely tranquility that invites us to take a moment to breathe and smile.

 Milka: Thank you. That’s the kind of effect I want my art to have on people. I want my illustrations to add a sense of calm and a touch of sweetness to their lives. 

Flirty: We love how you combine soft colors, gentle shapes and nostalgic elements to create such an alluring balance of calm and sweet. What is your creative process like?

Milka: I spend a lot of time absorbing ideas from images, music, movies, smells, nature...everything. Suddenly the moment comes in which all that information takes shape, and I start sketching, seeing colors and illustrating. 

Flirty: Must be a very exciting moment when everything comes together! Do you have a preferred medium for bringing your ideas to life? 

Milka: Even though my work is mainly digitally made, I really love working with traditional mediums like gouache and ink pens.  

Flirty: Is there something specific in nature that inspires your ideas? 

Milka: Yes, I see ideas everywhere in nature! I spend several minutes of my day just looking outside for inspiration. I love being outside...swimming makes me feel free and calm and walking gives me time to chat with myself and think about things. 

Flirty: What concerns you most about pollution and climate change?

Milka: I've started to become more aware of plastic waste in recent years, I hope that soon we can change plastic with other environmentally friendly materials, and there are more policies for that.  

Flirty: We hope so, too. Thank you for chatting with us and for your lovely Iced Julep design.

Milka: You’re welcome.